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Option 1*
$25 p/session

45 min Small Group HIIT
Quarterly BioScore test

Option 2*
$75 p/session

30 min PT Sessions
Monthly BioScore test
Individualised programming

Option 3*

45 min PT Sessions
Monthly BioScore test
Individualised programming


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*Membership Terms & Conditions

If you are on an Auto-Membership, you are welcome to hold or suspend your pass for holiday or business travel, or if you are unable to practice due to serious illness or injury.

    Terms of pass suspension are:

    • Seven business days notice in writing prior to the suspension date is required, and please note pass suspension cannot be applied retroactively.
    • Minimum suspension period for all passes is seven days.
    • Maximum suspension period is 14 days per three months membership period, a total of 56 days per year.
    • Please note that we do not allow suspended memberships to be cancelled. One billing period must be completed after suspension and prior to cancelling membership.

    Terms of membership cancellation are:

    • Two week’s notice is required to cancel, after minimum contract period is complete.
    • Minimum contract period is four weeks (2 debits).
    • At the end of the minimum contract number of debits, the membership will continue on a fortnightly basis unless you notify us in writing with two week’s notice of your intent to discontinue membership.
    • For all membership enquiries, pass suspensions and cancellations, please email us (